tomorrow is a term that does not know itself

tomorrow another day, said breadroll, and was corrected by sponge. another day perhaps but a day where we did want to do something special.
tjae such days, said breadroll.
the meeting then faded and nobody knew really about tomorrow anymore. we could do more with this subject.

under terms terminate

terms terms, a funny word, under these terms we have to terminate, said sponge, funny they wrote that on the invitation. maybe they don’t want us at the party.
we have to get there first, said breadroll.
don’t be so negative, said sponge, that really gets to me. they did not speak then for a while; it would be a silent day after all.

in terms of fun a modest day

a man dressed as a santa walked by, followed by another santa and another one. block of wood counted them all.
it’s getting into season, said breadroll, always had, for a quite a while anyway.
the santas were mugging passers-by.
i wonder what their terms of employment might be, said sponge.
they usually use drug addicts for that job, said breadroll.
i wonder if their christmas party is any fun, said sponge, in their terms of fun.

a moment of reasoning and due socialist terms

no way way i would want this dog putty on my slippers, said sponge, i seemed to have touched the spot they didn’t want to spare.
very sour kinda sarcasm-based sort of sense of humour, said breadroll. if we want to be a serious novel we should do something interesting. post to w.a.s.t.e. for instance just to dig it.
you know, said sponge, that’s funny. i was just thinking the same and now it’s attributed to you. that’s how historical error occur.

innovation as a term

we have to come to terms, said sponge, with that word.
agreement, said breadroll.
block of wood nodded. he poured himself a cup of tea. he nodded again when he took the cup. a little blow. it’s very hot, he said.
innovation, said sponge, really. as a term: beastly.
i see, said breadroll.

t & c

terms and conditions, said sponge, as and-slash-or if applicable, apply. naturally. comply.
that is usually the case, said breadroll, or at least almost always. most of the time.
something gave sponge the impression that a productive conversation would not take place today. he told the others about his impression. anything special on the agenda, he said, going forward?
only tomorrow, said block of wood, but we should be able to postpone that until the next day.
they had tea.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.