under terms terminate

terms terms, a funny word, under these terms we have to terminate, said sponge, funny they wrote that on the invitation. maybe they don’t want us at the party.
we have to get there first, said breadroll.
don’t be so negative, said sponge, that really gets to me. they did not speak then for a while; it would be a silent day after all.

to go to end to terminate

to go, to have went, that is what brekst said, said sponge, herr brekst. i should go and ask the question.
but he doesn’t know it, said breadroll.
maybe i do, said sponge, i am super.
how about the cartoon characters they used on tv to show the offally stuff. pretty awesome. that’s these guys look now from a certain angle.

can termites be terminated

i was thinking about insects lately, said sponge, spiders and stuff.
they’re no insects, said breadroll.
true, said sponge, i wasn’t focused.

let’s terminate shall we

utra-violent, said blokk, smash and maim and have moloko.
pheww, said breadroll, that’s as blunt as blitzkrieg and we would try that either.
but do we ever get to kill, blokk wondered, when sponge sparked hope by being very negative again. capital-very. maybe get to take him out, blokk continued wondering.
moods change quickly and soon blokk considered dogs scum of creation for their fowlings.

to terminate terror

people don’t look safe and secure anymore, the war on terror is not going that well, said sponge.
what makes you think that, said breadroll, that could get you shot. or arrested. you would be held in some prison in the middle of nowhere.
these prisons tend to be in interesting areas, said sponge, but inside it’s all about security.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.