the horror the terror imagine

we’ve seen the horror, said sponge, the horror. that line we had to quote.
exactly, said breadroll, war on horror, the terror of war. very sombre. i recall offally.
offally was an awful mess, said sponge, still is. can’t put your foot anywhere there, it’s all covered in shit and goo.

war on terror training

nothing to report. all quiet on the western front. all the other front are pretty easy, too. the train people certainly are on the edge. nobody else takes notice. the platform seems empty. people hide and take in platform camouflage. apologies. a determined young lady. a young one now but a train slap later. she’ll be trained in saying sorry sir and deadly with the ol’ nothing-i-can-do-about-its.

terror has a face and a tendency

during the offally bombing nobody shot, said sponge.
that’s an old story, said breadroll.
that is the face of terror, said sponge, didn’t shot this time, will shot next time. that’s the snot in the nose. what it boils down to. the snot in the nose. it’s there, you don’t feel it, don’t know about it and bang, pops out and causes havoc.
sponge sulked a bit. he liked his imagery, which didn’t ring with the others. rainy day with gust of northerly wind. terror brings security, just as the train people work. a train will come. peace on earth, our pure essence.

terror is a big a word as anything

but would we?
frozen with terror, should we let them terr’ists prevail? a big a question. a word has been thrown out there. sponge sit. breadroll stands.
we should be safe though, what should happen. the lad over there has a monobrow, does it make him suspicious? the other lads mumbles to himself? a brief prayer before action? thoughts of tearing the lad’s face off. dismissed thought, not good but a start. there should be a line of comfort. remining positive.

a story mentioning terror just for publicity

that’s pure terr’r, said sponge. they just cancelled the train.
to cancel.
to make void. revoke. annul. to cancel a reservation for instance, or to decide or announce that a planned event will not take place after all although the usual freeloaders and hagers-on will turn up any way. call off what should never have been on, to cancel a meeting with an somebody one hasn’t met. to mark or perforate (a postage stamp, admission ticket, a condom) so as to render invalid for reuse. neutralize; counterbalance; compensate for. reach out.
i will make a book one day, said sponge only with words in it. on terror.

terror’s terrible torments

when the soldiers killed the man, said breadroll, he looked like sponge for a second.
that’s a terrible thing to say, said block of wood, he was a young father of three elderlies.
i’m shocked myself, said breadroll.

terror has made its point once again

they stood for a moment only and then fell but for no glory.
the bomb the took offally.
only one toilet left and they all queued in shock and horror.
traumatised, unable to meet the consultants’ demands.

to terminate terror

people don’t look safe and secure anymore, the war on terror is not going that well, said sponge.
what makes you think that, said breadroll, that could get you shot. or arrested. you would be held in some prison in the middle of nowhere.
these prisons tend to be in interesting areas, said sponge, but inside it’s all about security.

terror of time at one’s hands

we broke his heart, said sponge and realised a lack of short term memory. who am i talking about, he said, is it the mysterious man in the cafĂ© on the other end of town? is it?breadroll made a face. hope we didn’t cause any mess.
no no. no mess. all clean.
because if we had caused a mess, we would need to clean and could not sit and talk sociably.
no, we could not.
they had caused a considerable mess which, howerver, had been swept under the carpet and hence could be neglected.
we should come up with something for the day, said sponge.

terr-r fighters

the sun shone.
the receptionist answered the phone when the salesman stepped to her counter.
hiya, she said.
hiya, he said.

now these are clean american youngsters, herr brekst said, actively fighting terrorism by displaying a proper exterior appearance and agree on good terms and in a largely polite fashion.
don’t mind them, said sponge, they’ll join us when they’re older.
we rush then i suppose, herr brekst said and felt witty.
[the breakfast tv lumpenproletariat crowd stays as they have no place to go.]

© the Book of Sponge and Others.