more on that

the train people take it easy, says sponge. easy, says breadroll. they sit while numbers change on the electronic dashboard. we didn’t really talk about train people before, did we?
no, said sponge, train people. something went wrong. he didn’t say much after that.

that is no more an option than the other option

it was good, said sponge, even i find the thought revolting now when i come to think of it.
although it did happen all a bit of a sudden, said breadroll. no build up to it really. normally there is a hint of some sort. something at least. and we could have found other ways of entertainment.
i don’t think people liked it much, said sponge.
probably not, said breadroll. we do tend to labour on about things.
yea well, but are you going to do. ring in some cabaret?
phone would be outside.

they cannot do that

something about sorry and apologies, said sponge, but it that it was essential and for our own safety and security.
well then, said breadroll, at least they are not soing it for fun.
no, said sponge, they don’t seem to have fun. but they said shortly.

apologies for that is what to say when attempting to apologise

what was that?
an apology, to apologise, apologies, i apologise. in general means apologize: defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning; “rationalise the child’s seemingly crazy behaviour but coming to the conclusion that it was just crazy behaviour”; “he rationalised his or hers”; but also: acknowledge faults or shortcomings or failings or blunders; “i apologised for being late”; “he apologised for the many lesser things in life”. that’s me, said sponge, any second now. but if we were to provide them with a detailed account of inconveniences caused, would they feel worse? the same? better?

tomorrow is a term that does not know itself

tomorrow another day, said breadroll, and was corrected by sponge. another day perhaps but a day where we did want to do something special.
tjae such days, said breadroll.
the meeting then faded and nobody knew really about tomorrow anymore. we could do more with this subject.

there is always one or something for that matter

we witness a naked man running down the road. nothing else happens, pretty grim area. bleak area, nothing going bar the one guy running, that should have been mentioned in the title, not just the one. at least there was one at least.
there’s got to be something, said sponge.

even in the event that something ever might happen

brekst didn’t come in a while, said sponge, and not much happen since. a fly is a fly but for all i know it is an event. brekst with his cirpy voice, the voice that lingers on when he’s gone.
and even if something happened, said breadroll, what would we do?
about it? with it? for it? against it? i spin when i think about it, said sponge. you name it, said breadroll.

and that minutes take longer is only logical

that sounds classified, said sponge, but no need paranoid.
no, said breadroll. and we have moved somehow. but the minutes may take hours.
that’s a sad pun, said sponge, we should get a mascot for that.

philosophy even worse than that

they did ask me, said breadroll, to make a start and that is exactly what i did — right now i did it. not that i did not do exactly the same thing before, i know i started an episode of some sorts before, before, but this time it’s different. a second time around, me is now which i believe everyone has been waiting for.
that does sound profound, said sponge, and i produced a rhyme. howsa!

a teaspoon of that tart

i’d love that, said breadroll. the spanish tart, or the german torte.
i didn’t know about that one.
no you didn’t.
they linger. it seems to be a nice day. cookies are nice, too. the government will not pass any law today. the weather will continue to process nicely.

very funny for that matter but i don’t think we should laugh at all

and on we went walking. on the trail less travelled. around corners where others never would think to take a snoop around. they walked, now view view from top. the three walking. heading towards another corner.
if anyone wants o take a leak, said sponge, it would be a chance now.
i took a leek from a garden back there but it was rather raw, said block of wood.
if you think british is about funny puns, said sponge, it is not. it is about puns, that’s it — (he gave the final ‘t’ a really sharp finish to make a point).

action is more like a shop than anything republicans would say or admit for that matter

q: a rather grimm place they’ve come across, the city with corners without any shops at all. let’s see how they cope with it.
a: no, that is not fair questioning at all. we have been plunged into this with no warning whatsoever and ever since tried to cope as best we can.
q: you object fnn this statement rather vigourously — now there’s an ugly looking word — so what is the matter.
if they go left they would find a corner and to the right a street with another corner right after it. not to mention other corners in sight.
i suppose the usual witty comment, said breadroll, to follow; i for one would like to be buttered. he could easily say that for even though buttering him was a considerably nasty affair for all parties involved the lack of butter and shops to buy butter made buttering a faintly imaginable activity. i think i see a shop.
words like this won’t make it far.

meaning, cowboy, that is when you pay for the drinks

meaning, known what it is all about wanting to you must be, my words, marksman, said sponge.
not know i whot thy spaketh, said soldier said, quath ye thinket m’sarge?
sergeant sarge, never too sure whether being addressed properly or slagged on the sly, pretended to look out for potential primary target, his back to the private, while trying to find his line. i know son, he said eventually and turned slightly, tis bleedingly hard hardship spoken mili’tree spake tis foe sure. meaning seeking is of ours and if thous expect shouting and shanting fear not you shall as us eat with knifes and forks us use.
jolly good, said sponge.

any cheese in that context would replace something

herr brekst did not really care to get answers or attention, he did not really want all that, after all he was a chap to have a pint with, by fair and by square for all that matters or any other saying we could say to his defence on his behalf.
that — or so — was the general opinion, opionion was heard as well, some muttered an oponion, with a whiff of cheese and onion, any cheese in that context, for a crowd had gathered at the corner.
(this crowd then disappeared after herr brekst had paid the taxi driver who kept his mouth shut during the process. there had been some disturbance before which had gone unnoticed indeed by most of us bar that crowd that is currently being beaten up the lot of them. again open brutality prevailed over latent violence.)
breadroll and sponge thought it would be wise to take one corner at a time.
so, no chance for a shop here, said breadroll.
no, said sponge, sadly.

if you think that was witty think again

bloob. blobb. blobb. bloob. porridge. rigidly porridge. that’s all we have these days, said sponge.
not true, said breadroll, we have jam, butter, cheese, sausages, eggs, chocolate.
but no porridge, said block of wood.
no porridge, said breadroll.
and toast, said block of wood.
how could i forget toast, said breadroll, tell me how could i?

this and that

this and this and this, said sponge, it all adds up to this; and this is all there is to it. no more. trust me.
the jars on the table were set to be cleared; the table, however, looked settled and had no intention to leave. the chairs and stools did not move.
they stayed.

there must be an explanation for that

how could you loose her anyway, said sponge, that seems quite odd.
tiny head, said block of wood.
of course, said sponge, i forgot.

and that’s the end of it

yesterday i made a wet sponge go into work rather than myself. i made the sponge sit on my chair and wait for me to sit on it.
much excitement for a workday. drawn up minutes.
now here we go, said breadroll.
finally, said block of wood.
eventually, said sponge.
a long day in the office had comes to an end. anyhows.

that’s it

that’s really it for now, said sponge.
he was all set and so were breadroll and block of wood. can you say less in less words?

that cereal

that fibre is was good for him puss willow wanted to read in the regulars section of the local paper but to no avail. that fibre was good for him there was no mention of it.
is fibre good for? you?
puss willow poured himself a fresh cup of coffee.
is java good for you? is reading? reading old newspapers indeed good for you?
a dog had finished its business and trotted on. the scenery changed into something more comfortable: south. sun.
children throwing stones at the dog. pooh roasting in the sun. bonedry in a sec. burnable. would you be up for that?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.