the bit between now and then

yes. a sudden. great now and in a sudden small and crushed. the sudden certainly makes the difference, said sponge. he also said, he didn’t think a phonecall would be necessary but that’s a different matter all together.

storyline every now and then a concern

a story we are suppose to tell, said sponge aren’t we. alas the idea did not attract too much support. what d’you need a story for the man said, and feck was the general public’s response. bread and games and fun and sweets is what the general public likes and craves and the general’s will shall be an order; after all we might as well ditch the whole campaign if we weren’t to achieve some brassed medal.

so what will it be then

i did come to ask a question, herr brekst said. a question or two, to be correct, a query.
breadroll and block of wood sat with the deflated presenter. sponge was nowhere to be seen (bathroom? my first guess.). a scene of tranquility and peace (still in bed?).
the presenter had told the others about the burning questions he still has to ask in the name of his audience (who will be rewarded with a portable barbeque kit – one for each)(is he hiding somewhere?) but unfortunately today did not seem to be a success (alright, i give up, where is he?).
i pulled a nose hair, the full length of it, herr brekst said, but that is although a success not the reason why i am here.


magnificent, said block of wood, chasing question marks, isn’t it?
chasing question marks? bit naff no whattom zen, pursuing answer sign posts sounds better, said breadroll, however, for a start, definititely a starter.
they watched bent burghers fading around corners and commented on burghers fading around corners.
it certainly takes the edge off, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.