there will be more rain eventually

it is raining, said sponge, raining rain. i thought that would be something different to say about the rain. but there is room for improvement, certainly.
a different shade of grey over there, said breadroll and pointed. ove there. they took a long time to examine the other shade with no conclusion.
maybe other drops, said sponge.

the rain falls like there was no tomorrow

it is raining, said sponge.
it is raining, said breadroll, isn’t it.
bloody rain, said sponge.
it raining the entire day.

there is always one or something for that matter

we witness a naked man running down the road. nothing else happens, pretty grim area. bleak area, nothing going bar the one guy running, that should have been mentioned in the title, not just the one. at least there was one at least.
there’s got to be something, said sponge.

there is hope where there’s britain

a british truck is bound to carry british crips, said sponge, and has them delivered to a shop.
some fried liver as well perhaps for the deli counter, said breadroll.
that was the extend of their conversation. sponge and breadroll at times took great pride in saying just the essential things.

there must be a question

we better come up with something, said sponge. something.
couldn’t we wait for some thing, said breadrool.
there isn’t much that hasn’t been waited for, said sponge.
i see, said breadroll, we wait then till.
until, said sponge.

is there god at least

we now know that we are controlled, said sponge.
and therefore, said breadroll.
we are able to approach things, said block of wood, in a more controlled manner as we would have before the beans were spilled and and the news broken. a shame you call that?
why do you speak funny, said breadroll.
i thought, said sponge, respect for religious groupings would command this. particualrily when restricted phone use is part of it. i just want to make a point.
or draw a line, said breadroll.

a first line for there is no better one

they did ask me, said breadroll to make the first line and that is exactly what i did — right now i did it. not that i did not do exactly the same thing before but that is a second line now which i believe everyone has been waiting for.
he loiters for a while.

is there a way of finding her

we gone through all the possibilities, said breadroll, but no chance of retrieval; she seems to be gone for good.
that’s that answered, said sponge, the headlines participate quite a lot recently.
they do, don’t they, said breadroll, what do you think?
they had tea again.

there we go again

very politically uncorrect the titles have got, said breadroll, recently.
very, said sponge. ————————
there was a sudden and lenghty pause that neither could bridge.

there must be an explanation for that

how could you loose her anyway, said sponge, that seems quite odd.
tiny head, said block of wood.
of course, said sponge, i forgot.

there is a name to it

movement. motion.
be awful if we got that wrong, said sponge.
unbelievable, said breadroll.
block of wood had tea. he poured the liquid in the cup, stirred it, added milk, observed the milk’s behaviour in the still stirred-up tea. put the spoon down. what, he said to sponge and breadroll, staring won’t get you anyway.
wouldn’t it be awful if we got that wrong, said sponge.
you are right there, said block of wood.

getting there

on the breakfast table. butter was there, leaned against the teapot, and melting. others choose not to draw attention to their personal or neutral material life.
have we come to a conclusion, said breadroll, and if so, what is it and would it be helpful for the process of coming to a decision?
that’s two questions, said block of wood.
and it’s already wednesday, said breadroll.
now after clarifying where we stand could we please bloody well proceed with the blooming week then, said sponge.
they agreed that this was a rather unusual and uncomely remark that should have been discussed with the team.

nearly there

the exit? see that lady there? right beside her, to the left.
finally somebody who knows what he’s talking about, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.