they cannot do that

something about sorry and apologies, said sponge, but it that it was essential and for our own safety and security.
well then, said breadroll, at least they are not soing it for fun.
no, said sponge, they don’t seem to have fun. but they said shortly.

let’s go let’s go (they did not move)

once again the sun shone on the alternative, for the sake of it, that was very much like the corner before. sponge had a scarf wrapped around his neck, copycat, for no other reason than today being today and the day that was in it; he stood there, nervously rocking back and forth and starred at the window of the shop.
breadroll sang: around the corner we go and around and around till we’re round and you’re round and we all drop like flies at the corner and around and around we go … an old carvery rhyme or nursery song, written in the country’s barbaric tongue.
we’re here now, said block of wood, the corner shop.
is this the corner shop or a corner shop, said sponge.
i wouldn’t know, said block of wood. it is a corner shop.
what did he say, said sponge, which corner shop? did he give further advice? they say they are selling chairs.
no, said block of wood. i’d love a monster munch. or these ripply things.
so it may not be this shop at all at all?
we should look at other corners. shop around.
we could.
let’s go so.
that’s what i think. —— sound. a very poetic word. this language, i add three dots …

and now what now they said

and now? what now, they said. quietness. all seemed confused, no moves. i thought we were guided, said breadroll, so why are we bored?

should we be curious what they come up with

says sponge: it won’t be much today. nothing has been scheduled and a lot has been forgotten abput; it all should have been planned and therefore there is not much today.

they are good at having a big mouth

some people are not good at anything, said breadroll, at least they try, although it sometimes would be better they they wouldn’t.
he held a candle for no apparent reason and was very aware of that fact.
a candle to remember things, he said. fat woman or fat lady, for example, man or mouse, with regard to episode featuring the former, lions led by donkeys, in case we do something in that area. as you see our future plans are vision-packed. we ourselves are viewer-focussed, and all that should please the audience.

they are ganging in on us

didn’t say that. i didn’t say that, said sponge; he acted nervously.
you will draw some kind of suspicion on you, said breadroll, and you should inform the government about the gang thing.
what gang thing, said sponge.
the headline thing, said breadroll.
ohya that, said sponge, that was a scare.
good, said breadroll, for headlines are friends not stalkers.

when will they ever live up to it

we should stick to the point, said sponge, i know i keep repeating myslef but the email i am getting do likewise.
myself it should be, said breadroll, you said …
i know, said sponge, bloody typo. —— long pause ——. the headlines are a real pain.
you don’t say, said breadroll.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.