away a long time coming

they boarded a train that would serve all stations to bray (as the saying goes).
imagine that, said sponge, it sums it all up.

to say something is sometimes harder than other times

what can i say, said sponge. people walking up and down the street, relentlessly. sometimes they fall, sometimes they don’t and when they fall, they sometimes get up again to fall once more and other times they simply had it. a man went home from work once, he worked nearby in a shop, but the shop was in difficulties, he didn’t know that then, but they would let him go, without final pay, and he would have to go work somewhere else, where he couldn’t walk home anymore during lunch to see his wife, who would have left him by then as she couldn’t stand him being unemployed. he used to walk home and didn’t fall once. his wife quizzed him but he said no he didn’t fall, which was true.
i really don’t know what else to say, said sponge. not easy to make a point.

three times british in a row

whoaw, said sponge, this time they’ll do it, britain for the cup. four times actually, in a row but not a queue
people do get that sense of humour, said breadroll.
couldn’t be bovver’d, said block of wood. now that we pinch a gag we drop it. this story goes nowhere mostly anyway actually.

metamorphosis would be a sign of the times

the process of changing from one form to another, from the larval stage to the pupal stage to the reproductive adult stage, said sponge, that’s what we are facing daily in our streets, on our trains and most obviously here in our own little midst.
i just feel a pain there, sad block of wood, which was a gross thing to say.
i know it’s needless to say but i say it anyway, said sponge, it’s a … that’s that.
we didn’t say much about the man in the café who didn’t want to pay immediately and stuff. never mind. nothing has happened so far. it is a slow café. we complained as well to no avail.

terror of time at one’s hands

we broke his heart, said sponge and realised a lack of short term memory. who am i talking about, he said, is it the mysterious man in the café on the other end of town? is it?breadroll made a face. hope we didn’t cause any mess.
no no. no mess. all clean.
because if we had caused a mess, we would need to clean and could not sit and talk sociably.
no, we could not.
they had caused a considerable mess which, howerver, had been swept under the carpet and hence could be neglected.
we should come up with something for the day, said sponge.

one step at a time

i suppose, said sponge, we’ll have to see …
and that is about it for today.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.