tea or too

a cup of something would be nice perhaps, said sponge, but well we just for get about it.
shall we, said breadroll, that seems to be more satisfying anyway. we could decide to give up all hope, we would be rewarded.

good things come to a grinding halt too

nothing new nothing, the sun thought in her rare moments, i should go but i can’t. have to wait around until people are fed and go to bed again. even then some can’t keep still.
sponge hadn’t move much. breadroll a little bit more. they weren’t saying much. people passed by at normal speed and paid no attention.

brutality must not be too courteous or it will fail to convince

and what’s the shop bit, said blokk. he whacked breadroll, he whacked sponge. they did not have teeth to be kicked out but butts to be smacked heavily. after the blood had dried up breadroll said, you know your asskicking is kinda gay, as in homosexual, you better beef that up a bit you know. whilst block of wood saw where breadroll was coming from he could not fathom what he was talking about.
sponge was unimpressed. a rather sleeky way of not getting my drift, he said.

dada does it too

what if cheese rained fom heaven and fed us all and squashed the oaf on impact, said sponge, somebody must believe in that and have a bashing for it. burn the usual suspects and all.
agreed, said breadroll, just don’t blow us up. rrrntt takk taa hhaata tihkili iii eeoaaa tti, to quote the poet.
ah that’s beatiful, said sponge, i didn’t know that, that’s just like the one with the shoes that hang around when the person who owned them is already dead and gone.
and what happens then?
nothing. they just hang around and then they go. just like normal people. just smaller.

never too square to circle

what are we going to do today?
not much. we’ll run around in circles.
they ran around in circles.
that’s quite enough, said sponge, let’s discuss it now, shall we?
running around in circles should be properly planned, said breadroll.
and funded, said block of wood.
they ran a few more circles.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.