war on terror training

nothing to report. all quiet on the western front. all the other front are pretty easy, too. the train people certainly are on the edge. nobody else takes notice. the platform seems empty. people hide and take in platform camouflage. apologies. a determined young lady. a young one now but a train slap later. she’ll be trained in saying sorry sir and deadly with the ol’ nothing-i-can-do-about-its.

valueable training our cv to update

computer viruses are like obnoxious party guests, the support guy said and frowned, they show up to your pc attitude unannounced, wreck the joint, and then move the party to our friends, colleagues and important clients’ systems.
bearing this in mind i shall read the incoming mail and spot the innovation in it, said sponge. sort of thing you say. complete feedback form.


is there a train soon, said block of wood.
soon, said bradroll.
brll, said block of wood.
you’re still doing it, said breadroll, i thought you had training.
postponed, said block of wood.
is there any tea, said sponge.
no tea was available at this stage. it was agreed to set up a policy with regard to the supply of tea and other warm beverages staff may ask for.
there should be some in the shop, said breadroll, if we find it that is.
the train arrived and breadroll, sponge and block of wood got on as anybody else did. the boarding of the the train was a very uneventful enterprise that does not require further description.
a man with a sheep boarded the train. breadroll, sponge and block of wood did not see the man with the sheep, hence did not comment. that is about all one can say about this morning.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.