a turnip a day keeps nothing at bay

they used to eat train people, said sponge.
that was before they had trains, said breadroll, and then only when there were no turnip. which happened rather often.
turnips are good for you, said sponge.
overrated as a superfood, said breadroll, i could have them anytime and still would suffer from all sorts of things.
me too, said sponge, but with train people it is a different matter.

be grateful for a turnip

cutlet splatter is so 20th century, said breadroll, but traditional sausages are a classic, in some countries anyway.
so. you’re back, said sponge.
yes i am, said breadroll, you did not get any further i assume.
no, said sponge, we did not. a few uplifting moments though.
at least something, said breadroll, i suppose.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.