stand up and be counted

here’s the thing: the day has started without delay or complications and is expected to be brought to an end only in the very last minute, give or take a few moments. that is as much as sponge can reveal at this stage. we could say more, says breadroll, but there are rules and regulations. then again that’s just my opinion. there may be other views. within the acceptable limits. there’s also a chair, but we’re not allowed to sit, today.
charity, says sponge.

thank the beetle for being up a tree

there is quietness, said breadroll. we have to get to know each other.
no, said block of wood, i’m sidelined as it is and that’s because of my name. this is a little spring before a long winter. we skip summer. and autumn.
ahh, cheer up, said breadroll. there always has been talk that we might sodomise each other. as in: we. you wouldn’t want to witness or be be drawn into it.

when and how to get up

my phone will take care of that, said sponge, my phone will ring on time. with a phone like this i’m sorted, i really am.
and sorted he was, it was perfectly right for him to say so; having signed up with the company in order to receive this phone along with regular updates and occasional upgrades and to be on the list, in the know and out of trouble was the best thing he had done in a long while.
the best thing i did in a long while, said sponge, the others are thinking of signing up, too.

should we be curious what they come up with

says sponge: it won’t be much today. nothing has been scheduled and a lot has been forgotten abput; it all should have been planned and therefore there is not much today.

when will they ever live up to it

we should stick to the point, said sponge, i know i keep repeating myslef but the email i am getting do likewise.
myself it should be, said breadroll, you said …
i know, said sponge, bloody typo. —— long pause ——. the headlines are a real pain.
you don’t say, said breadroll.

to pick up an old idea

po et ry.
pooo entries.
pope’s entry.
pop try.
that’s quite enough, herr brekst, said sponge, quite sufficient as well.
do you think so, said herr brekst.
positive, said sponge, everyone’s left; except me. and you.
herr brekst took a cup. do you want tea, he said. sponge did not want tea. i could make coffee. however, sponge did not want coffee either.
the morning had a hard time taking off.

wake up

i had come to ask a question, said herr brekst, and then maybe leave again, as one does, no strings attached, nor frills, a straight forward question — alas, that does not seem to happen.
anyway, that’s it for today, a good day for you all and join us tomorrow when you’ll hear sponge say:
you’ve woken up. congratulate yourself.

summing up

and now?
we have three stories but do we have a plot?
we should have a tribunal. or a inquiry. or both.
in which order?

© the Book of Sponge and Others.