one of the visions to follow

and what is this. crips packets, coke cans, gum; all moulded into the pavement, usual suspects.
that is a good sign, said sponge, a very good sign indeed. he made a little hop and a skip. there must be a shop somewhere at this corner. let’s hurry.
they hurried.
here we are, said breadroll. but was this. gimme an eff, what’s that spell?

visions illusionary

the breeze dropped a tear, and breadroll thought there would be rain soon, at least he made his colleagues believe that, as they went through great efforts to convince him (attempted persuasion) to convice him that rain would not be possible for another month or so as the owner of the corner had repeatedly failed to pay any license fee.
not licensed, sponge said, and his words stood beside the corner like a block of marble stone for the 3 to sit on.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.