i told you we have to wait

another repetitive day, breadroll asked.
no, said sponge, it must be a trick. you asked for it, said breadroll. i think we had exactly the same episode before, he said. feck off. piss off. swear words. dirty language. lead your outlets to propel you further. good british ways of telling some-one to bugger off.
let your droplets propel you further, very elegant.
outlets, they said, it’s outlets.
i know, code for droplets. trust me.
they waited.

wait relax postpone

hang on, said sponge, very fast.
hang, on, said breadroll, very slowl.
hong on, said block of wood and realised his insignificance. it is a matter of time until they find a way out. something. an accident. happens everyday, here today, gone tomorrow.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.