war on terror training

nothing to report. all quiet on the western front. all the other front are pretty easy, too. the train people certainly are on the edge. nobody else takes notice. the platform seems empty. people hide and take in platform camouflage. apologies. a determined young lady. a young one now but a train slap later. she’ll be trained in saying sorry sir and deadly with the ol’ nothing-i-can-do-about-its.

war and piece

i think we need a war again, said sponge, things have gone a bit unenthusiastic lately.
a new start, said breadroll, is what we need.
new start yes, said sponge, and a piece of toast, maybe, extra.
that’ll be swell, block of wood said, a piece of toast extra.
let’s carry on a bit to make this episode longer, said sponge, shall we? it would be a piece of mirth to me!
no, said breadroll, and block of wood: you just said it, did not exclaim it.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.