because it is wasted

well now, said sponge, the jam is almost over and we shall continue with the interview.
and other aspects, said breadroll.
to be read between the lines on a need-to-know basis, said sponge, yes; we have a presentation here to be trained.
why can we not be just boring one day again, said block of wood.

waste is rubbish is it not

and bringing brekst in would have resolved the issue? breadroll clearly wants to make a reference to a yesterday headline.
maybe, said block of wood, if an issue had been raised.

the power to innovate is rarely wasted

somehow — as herr brekst revealed — it had not been as as hard as one might believe. the trick is, herr brekst said, to let a sound be followed by another, appropriate sound that accompanies and complements the previous word and is itself followed, accompanied and complemented by another sound; and so on.
amazing, said sponge, innovative, exciting.
what is there for us to say, said breadroll and block of wood almost unisono.

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