one way of sorting out things

they bombed offally yesterday evening, said sponge, but none of the soldiers we’ve met recently was involved.
that’s nice, said breadroll, they seemed to be nice enough lads.
nice soldiers yes. they’ve got to be if they bomb offalky or kork or kack or killkunny for that matter; who knows how the county might be called.
kick perhaps. west kick.
whatever. they didn’t bomb that bit yet.

what else did we lose on the way

we pissed the viewers off didn’t we?
nnnnn-o, said sponge. he had put thought gehind his reply. i am not saying this to merely to calm you down, breadroll, if you don’y mind me calling you that —–
i would not wish people to know, said breadroll, ralf or maybe rolf is far less a commitment, normal is hormonal as they say.
and what now, said breadroll, ready to come up with the same question again.

in the light of all this another way of looking at it

usual setting, usual surroundings, usual sounds, usual steps to take to get were one should.
q: so, what do you make of it all, what do you think?
a: i’m glad you asked.
sponge leans back, has a drop of water from his glass.
any professional would tell you that, he says.
q: and you spell professional with only one eff?
a: and two ess, definitely. — that in my view is the best way to approach the issue, which admittedly is a hot topic, without losing one’s focus and vision but at th same time not lettign anything come in your way if you know what i’m saying.
a large commercial enters the room. don’t worry about me, says the commercial, i’m on a break.

is there a way of finding her

we gone through all the possibilities, said breadroll, but no chance of retrieval; she seems to be gone for good.
that’s that answered, said sponge, the headlines participate quite a lot recently.
they do, don’t they, said breadroll, what do you think?
they had tea again.

the way we are

block of wood here is balling his eyes inside out for breaking silence in two equally sized, however somehow not consecutive pieces, if he was to get a chance naturally, very annoying sight all together, very unpleasant and noisy;
and there’s breadroll, pale and round, has stuff stuffed into him as if there was no tomorrow and day after tomorrow, in it goes, every morning, before he starts to count words;
and there’s me, rather modest creature, just want people to sit on me and say uhh it’s wet.
we are pretty good at reports though. i rest my case.

the way is the way

when, said block of wood.
soon, said ponge, pretty soon, just read the memo.
it says here, said breadroll, after the next bend. does that mean we missed it.
not at all, said sponge, we just have to review our philosophy.

a long way for the climber

hard to say, said sponge, block of wood once tried to hump a pitchfork. a disaster, as you may imagine.
indeed, said block of wood, but that was long ago, before we met like. nothing on file there.
there wasn’t, was there, said breadroll.
the sugar lump almost made it.
almost, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.