whatever it takes to get a word in for yourself

why are we talking about food so much, said sponge, is there something?
we are not, said breadroll, we mentioned the canteen recently.
a yes, the canteen. we didn’t mention it before. the perls.
says herr brekst, whenever i come i have a question and no answer ready for me. this is the state of thing and i will have to queue for an answer like anybody else here, if there are any left that is. is this queue for beetroot by chance? or chips? answers?
it is getting silly.

whatever you do or think or say

whatever you say or do or think of doing or saying, do it or say it or think of doing or saying it with great care and in an educated manner as a phone is no toy.
did we agree on doing something with phones, said breadroll.
on phones, said sponge. we maybe using them so we do something with them on them.
was that agreed, said block of wood.
exactly: subject to further discussions.

so whatever

stark or stork, said sponge, does it really matter? with the middleweight growing stronger? in a reely sense perhaps; marginally.
it is never so hard once you got over it, said block of wood. i am more concerned, he said, about a breadroll taking my credits. i know the head was tiny and i live to testify.
most fat women have tiny heads, said sponge.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.