a whiter shade of dull

too tired to get up the three chose a different narrative style:
should we call each other names?
to stay in tune with the title we really should wait until it get a little bit brighter outside.
we should have gone outside. you’re absolutely right about that.

which white is whiter to the wittiest

magnolia, said sponge, who would have thought? no white screen has ever been magnolia. that’s a different setup altogether.
somewhere else maybe, said breadroll.
where, said sponge and looked over.
nowhere, said breadroll.
good, said sponge, that doesn’t make sense. i wasn’t finished actually. — magnolia, as i tried to point out earlier on this morning is an amazing variant of white maybe but too much an innovation to be a mere shade of white to be honest; and to stick to the title and the underlying title-text-match policy you should replace appearances of magnolia with something from the grey area.
sponge tried to look jolly and thus marked the end of the episode.

whiter shade of screen

staring at a white screen, said breadroll, is not funny.
blank screen, said sponge, antracite.
no, said breadroll, white. white screen, sort of greyish or pale magnolia.
you should always switch it off ,said block of wood, before you start staring at it. that’s much healthier.
i heard that too, said sponge but the conversation was over.

white men again

do you realise, the first white man said, we are here again.
indeed, the second white man said, how come?
how long to go until the end of the episode, the third white man said.
not long but that’s beside the point. we wanted to spend time with our corner sheep. quality time for quality men. the first white man had tea. we even have tea, he said, breadrolls would be fine, too.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.