dada is cheese on breadroll for those who can afford it

it took a long time to be still not finished. we should have started to finish earlier. right after finishing preparations to discuss the next step or two. between meeting to form the committees and before the blustering speeches and long, long before the biting speeches, right after the initial throat clearing to, as a bare minimum, have the stage before the previous one finished but this way it’ll take some time to be at the planning stages.
i’m aiming to have tuna then, said sponge.

sponge is challenged on his conduct of the storyline but people whose puns involve swaps of letters ay and al are not really experienced in challenging people

that’s like: lame. can we not have a normal story, with a normal setting? no?
no. a normal. as in norman, with an al instead.
i see what you mean. you have a point, and a leg to stand on. phrases. you’ve got to love them.

between cushion and pillow, who gives a toss

so, said sponge, you thought it should be a cushion and breadroll thought it was a hat.
that’s right, said block of wood.
and breadroll, said sponge, wanted it to be a pillow.
cushion, i think, yes, said block of wood.
that’s mad, said sponge.

who wants scones

i would not want to be a scone. would you want to be a scone?
who wants to be a scone?
nobody i know, said breadroll.

and who

who said that?
what, said breadroll.
the bit with the nothing in it, nothing very uplifting.
dunno, said block of wood.
we agreed to be uplifting. what happened to the poetry project?

who does the talking

why is it always me who does the talking, said sponge.
dunno, said breadroll.
do you, said block of wood.
what, said breadroll.
no, said block of wood.
what, said breadroll.
no, said block of wood, i meant do you really do all the talking. you know?
know what, said breadroll.
what i meant, said block of wood.
i see, said breadroll.
hours later this little episode caused joy and amusement amongst the three.

who is the eggman

i am the eggman, said the walrus.
the plagiarism did not go unnoticed, breadroll had heard it and so had block of wood. they were shocked.
that’s plagiarism, said breadroll.
there is only 1 eggman, said sponge. he looked around. triumphantly. with a grin in his face. a silly grin, plain silly if we may say so but that is sponge for you, sponge as we know him.
you should have got a patent on this phrase, said breadroll.
we’ve been telling you, said block of wood.
i am the walrus, said the eggman.
the 3 scheduled a meeting asap.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.