so you say without a shop how to accomplish actually

i had to do this line, said breadroll, and now i am trying to defuse the argument. my best.
well who says you are the understanding one, said sponge, i was a person when you were still a breakfast item and it wasn’t a breakfeast if i’m allowed a pun.
that i’m aware of, said breadroll, i think you’re not exaggerating, so, shall we skip it it?
ya why not, said sponge, that leaves us with a bare feeding occasion. if you get the gist.
barely, but steadily, said breadroll, bare feeding occasion. is that what they call it in english?
no, but they would need a shop to get stuff.

consistency to conclude and breakthrough without much change

there can’t be much left, said sponge. the man has not introduced himself, did he?
no, said btreadroll. we’re still waiting for something.
still waiting, said sponge. after all that.

without a bicycle

it’s not so bad, said breadroll, that the quote wasn’t yours. you could be liable for it otherwise.
who knows that, said sponge, nobody you would pay for it.
yes, said breadroll, but that’s beside the point.
we never get away, said sponge, without a bike.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.