clearly the wrong title

i thought the interview days were over, said breadroll.
so fnnnn, the interviewer said, did i. i’m really here to make a point for inflatables in public. not very consistent mind you, i do ask questions, unpleasant ones, biting ones, drill down you, that sort of stuff. fnnnnnn.
i don’t know what i said without my lawyer, said sponge, not with this lad around. he’ll phase out eventually.

dada in this context was wrongly referred to for no reason

dada, as is work related, as in labour relevant, does fnothing for people and has no significance in industrial relationships other than being signifcantly present, in presence, past and future tensions.
bravo, said sponge, well done. the others say the same.
bravo, said breadroll, -(and so on).

getting days wrong

not saying anything, said breadroll, won’t get you anywhere.
neither will saying something, said block of wood.
the bus will though, said breadroll.
only if he decides to get up and get going, said block of wood.
i won’t be going anything anywhere, said sponge, that’s next week. or tomorrow. i don’t remember.
o, tomorrow, is it, said breadroll.
or next week, said block of wood.
they were looking forward to an entire day spent laughing and talking about the little lapse.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.