call for what yes innovation

it came to them like the child to our madonna; they’ve been secretly fucking around with somebody but now could not tell the truth.
well it might have been a vanilla bun, said breadroll.
beside the point. it was there now. immobile. non-negotiable. the call for innovation. it better be a good one for a laugh.

brutality yes and no to violence

the man did not wipe the grin off his face. on the kisser, thought blokk but even he had to admit: people who feel uncomfortable sport a forced smile, it is that simple, and brutality won’t do the trick. it’s all about money. brutality yes, violence no, that’s the important thing; it is that simple i’ve been saying it all along. but that’s me.
the man did not move until his appointment arrived. he then got up. speedily as we observed, kissed hello, waved goodbye and left. ceased grinning as we just talk to each other, that simple. next thing to do. brutal.

yes someday yes

yes, said sponge, yes. the s-word. yes sir. was not that hard. yes. someday we will get places. shops at corners, corner shops. ice cream parlors. swell leaders at every corner and a meeting to attend 24/7 slash 3-6-5. we do debate leap year disturbance but certainly will come up with some cover. yes someday. bottom line.

© the Book of Sponge and Others.