the inter into the other view

today in lights of the day we present sponge of breadroll, sponge and block of wood with our queries.
q: what keeps you going all day?
a: simple things. things like the difference between ginger tea and green tea for example.
q: which is?
a: ginger tea does not contain gin but green tea is indeed green. pretty much so.
q: ish.
a: ish, precisely. yes. —— and that silence once more ———— fnnn.
there should be a brief pause now where they all have drinks; after all they are not used to feature length productions — they are not used to most things, very bad habit. only a few drinks, we do need them standing every once in a while.
today in lights of the day, i mentioned it earlier, we present sponge of breadroll, sponge and block of wood with our queries. but now for some music in between today some music …
[some music you can imagine, something light and inoffensive, agreeable, ahh some more attributes]
tough, said breadroll, i’d love to show my bit now and say it.
that, said block of wood, would be. he leaves us guessing. —- but he did mention it earlier, didn’t he? it certainly leaves us guessing.
so what’ll we gonna do now, said breadroll.
i don’t know, said block of wood with a doomy voice.
presenter looks deranged, derailed and crooked — a century of tv presentation later. he had not been invited but modern tv system was not invitation-based anyway; call by if you find a slot.
q: a fat man, very large, ended up sitting beside me this morning on the train.
interupting a: a fat woman by any chance?
q: no, certainly a fat man.
a: what a shame.
meanwhile outside:
a shame indeed, ladies and gentlemen, said breadroll, we missed her by a syllable. if we only could recall it — prayer, the guilty souls last resort. — buy soap powder (note: the fragrant variant to make the wash smell nice), and get a phone while you’re at it as it gives you the chance to spend time at the beach with a bunch it cretins in polarnecks.
usual setting, usual surroundings, usual sounds, usual steps to take to get were one should.
q: so, what do you make of it all, what do you think?
a: i’m glad you asked.
sponge sits back, has a drop of water from his glass, he holds the glass now, realising his mistake and waits for the next occasion to bend forward.
any professional would tell you that, he says and bends forward, now placing the waterglass back on the table again.
q: and you spell professional with only one eff?
a: and two ess, definitely. — that in my view is the best way to approach the issue, which admittedly is a hot topic, without losing one’s focus and vision but at th same time not lettign anything come in your way if you know what i’m saying.
a large commercial enters the room. don’t worry about me, says the commercial, i’m on a break.
(some lattes later).
the presenter announces a further song and the following happens:
block of wood turns into his ultra-violent alter ego and the presenter will have his head smashed in (badly), his heart cut out (a marble), his liver removed (about time) and his bottom roasted by blokk.
nnnnf, said the presenter, and blokk like, what did you say, and nnnnnf again the presenter and blokk like nnnnf isn’t righty-oooo dddddaddyyy hyyhyhyhyooou (poor blokk god love him always literally always bursts out in this stutter when he wants to do the rightyo-daddyo thingy; he’s got a speech impediment there but nobody really bothers because it just sounds too ridicilous) order, that’s it not fnnnnnn
q: fnnn fnnnn fnn fnnnn?
a: i know you want to provoke me to burst into a song but i’m not that type of celebrity at all.
celebrity is an album by the pop boy band *nsync. It was originally released in 2001 by jive records. the album achieved five times platinum status. it that it shall keep. fnnnnnnnnnnnnn bfff fnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. the industry will sort it. rabangangabang fnnnnn.
fnnn fnnfnnfnn fnn fn fnnn.
did you close the drawer or did i, said blokkk “brutality” wokk.
you did, said breadroll, or did i? he wasn’t there anyway. and: slurrdshh; had butter all over him. one of those mornings of rushed sexuality.
he should have left a note, said blokkk, still letter-kayed.

fnn. fnnnn nfnn.
he is still around. drastic jingle.
was the jingle necessary? fnn nffnffn. i am just doing a job here. some infnnnormation gathering here for the general public.
aanyway, why a shop that has no crisps but tweed in an area that cannot stomach anything heavier than a burger? a frozen pizza maybe to be extravagant in the summer no water means. but tweed? — english, the englishman said but he was not to appear for a while and neither did anyone else. having that settled we remain with:-
FFFFNf. as a sound of bowel movement. these days a rare thing. you may see it as vulgar but seeing those characters get on the train would tell you otherwise. they could do with a relaxation of closures. they open every airhole they spot on the train, compulsively, but would not let rip. result: increased consumption of biffidum al caseii, and faces of people in agreement with the intestinal contract.
that would be the Social Contract and it’s all about being nice, said the little obese child who had made her way from the other studio where they did the “ME AND ME FAT TODDLERS” flick (an obsolete film that went straight to dvd like most films. films —filims as they call them— what can you say.).

carry on. just wait.
q: fnnn. waiting for what? a miracle. a wonder. some of the stuff that drives violent atheist groups to burn stooges in the streets of underprivileged quarters of town?
a: certainly not (reaches for cigarette).
q: you’re not going to start smoking again, are you fnnnnh?
a: ahh no.
q: awright fnnn, it’s just that would bring other pressure groups at stake.
a: yeah i know i’m good.
they show footage of plains.


© the Book of Sponge and Others.