the letter

we receive a lot of letters. some abusive, others insulting, most despiteful. why? we take responsibility, said breadoll. we stand up for things. not too many, but if we are asekd … for a fee … just ask.
there’s a letter that was thrown at us:

i hate to confess but i was a junk food addict. i devoured all this trash and just could not stop. this fatal passion ceased when i started course with sponge here and block of wood. oh, santa, my inclination to eat constantly vanished, spirits improved and i became the happiest person on the planet 5, cloud 8. 22.53 pounds in 2.31 months. i can tell you now I turned to the happiest person.

at least one is happy, said sponge, one has been saved.
what can you possibly reply, said breadroll, to so much happiness.
the usual, said sponge, we thank you for your letter and welcome the response at all and we do appreciate you as a customer. the usual.
that should do, said breadroll, it sound happy enough.


© the Book of Sponge and Others.